There are two types of navigation in TeXt: Header Navigation and Sidebar Navigation, both are defined in data/navigation.yml.

Header Navigation

Header navigation is defined under the header key in data/navigation.yml, it is an array of title(s) and url:

  - title:      Docs
    url:        /docs/en/quick-start
  - title:      文档
    url:        /docs/zh/quick-start
  - titles:
      en:       Archive
      zh:       归档
      zh-Hans:  归档
      zh-Hant:  歸檔
    url:        /archive.html
  - titles:
      en:       About
      zh:       关于
      zh-Hans:  关于
      zh-Hant:  關於
    url:        /about.html
  - title:      GitHub

You can ues titles for a multi-language name.